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Getting better in your craft in product, design, or
tech is the catalyst between performing and thriving.  You can read up on all case studies and theories; but unless you apply what you learn, achieving results is next to impossible, 

To help you grow and elevate your career or business,  our Founder, Bosky Mukherjee offers limited and highly personalized, and actionable coaching sessions. These are highly personalized and actionable from day 1.  (100+ happy Founders, Product Managers, UX Designers, and Product Leaders in LinkedIn, Meta, Amazon, Uber, and other companies).

Work with Bosky

1:1 Office Hours

I am especially good at helping you (1) elevate your skills during a job interview (1) transform your resume (2) diagnose a gnarly problem (3) solve team or stakeholder conflicts and (4) make a specific near-term career decision.

$500 one time

1:1 Coaching for career professionals (bi-weekly)

I am especially good at helping you advance your career by (1) leveling up to a more senior role (2) building more confidence (3) carving your next career path (4) going from IC to the people manager track or (5) navigating the day to day challenges you are facing.

$2,999 for 3 months (7 sessions). Pay upfront to save

1:1 Coaching for 
bootstrapped founders

I am especially good at helping you (1) how to build a product (2) how can you validate a product idea quickly (3) how to price your product (4) How to find your early customers (5) how to take your product to the market to get traction (6) how to hire and grow your product/tech/UX teams (7) advise on how to build product and UX culture

$275 one time

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Work with Bosky

What are people saying?

Ying Li.jpeg

Ying Li

Product Manager, Meta

Bosky not only was a great listener and showed authentic care and empathy, but also truly understood the situation and challenges I was faced with. I didn't expect Bosky to understand me so well -- she pointed out things I was still trying to make sense of at the same time. She gave me the understanding, acceptance, and encouragement that I needed.

I would highly recommend working with Bosky, especially for those who are feeling stuck or lost, who need a different perspective, or who would like to explore more possibilities in their product management career. She is someone who will listen to you, understand you, inspire you, and lead you to know more about yourself and your career.


Jason Girouard

Product Manager, Uber

I presented my strategy and roadmap p and with your help, it went great. The storytelling resonated with the audience and I got ahead with what stakeholders and senior leadership were thinking.

Thank you Bosky.

Screen Shot 2023-05-15 at 1.38.08 PM.png

Bhavna Virmani

Product Manager

I particularly want to thank Bosky for supporting me through this time.


I took this opportunity to reflect on my own strengths and weaknesses. I learned how and when I need to exercise empathy, how and when I need to influence the team to arrive at a consensus, how and when I need to exercise my leadership and planning skills to reach a milestone, and how to avoid conflict but still make a recommendation.


This is just week 2 and I can't be more thrilled about all the challenges I will be facing in weeks to come. Bring it ON!!

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