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Simplify Breaking and Thriving in Tech & Product Management

For Aspiring or Early Stage Product Managers, Non-Technical Founders and Side Hustlers
PMDojo is an inclusive platform to empowers you to take a fuzzy idea, solve a real problem from the market and actually launch your product or side hustle. You get to not only learn but also think and work as Product Managers and Founders.
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We are on a mission to remove the barrier, complexity and overwhelm in break into tech. This is why we believe that access to practical skills learning should be open and affordable irrespective of your timezone or personal or professional situation.


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Industry Mentors

Learn By Doing

You can read as many books and articles as you want. You can also have as many coffee chats as you want. and continue to feel overwhelmed by the sheer volume of information and opinions.

There is no substitute to getting past that inertia and start doing.

Join PMDojo's Community to learn, connect, grow and launch.

Happy Launching impactful products and side hustles!

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Kaegan Donnelly, Product Manager, Lumen5

As a new product manager at a new, fast-growing company, there are lots of unknowns. Bosky's guidance has been helpful in identifying blind spots and planning for rapid change and growth. I would highly recommend Bosky to anyone needing to rapidly scale a product organization.

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Nibeer Dewan, Product Consultant, Cambria Solutions

As someone venturing into tech and product management for the first time in my career, Bosky ensured that she was available to coach me as I learnt the ropes of software development and product management. Moreover, she placed faith in me when she hired me knowing this would be my first role in product. This is something that is core to who Bosky is, as a leader.

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Julia Panopoulos, Sr Product Manager, AdRoll

Bosky has helped me think critically about my career and future during a time filled with change at my company. Thank you Bosky!

Get Involved with PMDojo

Whether you are an Aspiring Product Manager, an experienced Product Manager or a business looking for vetted tech talent,  join PMDojo to learn, grow, share and connect. Join us and help us co-create this community.
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Aspiring Tech & Product Enthusiasts

Join PMDojo's Slack Community to connect, learn and grow. We love when experienced members join our community to give back via mentorship/coaching.

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Hiring Managers &

Connect with us for hiring needs in tech from accessing candidates to supporting you with how to. build, hire and structure your product teams

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Let's simplify breaking into tech and product together. Connect with us about how we can solve this together

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