Who should attend the accelerator?

This accelerator is best recommended for: - Aspiring Product Managers - Early Stage Product Managers - Professionals looking to pivot your career in Product Management - Side hustlers - Non-Technical Founders If you want to gain practical skills and learn how to take an idea, build that and actually launch to validate with early adopters, then this accelerator is for you. If you are early in your career in Product management and are looking for a hands on structured and holistic program that will help you accelerate your career, then this program is for you.

Do I have to have an idea to apply?

It is wonderful if you have an idea at the time of applying. If not, we have a few ideas that we have been thinking about that you could select and work on.

How much time commitment should I plan for in the acceleraror?

We recommend that in order to get the most value from our Product Accelerator, you should spend anywhere between 8-12 hours/week.

What is the size of the cohort in this accelerator?

We're admitting only 20 participants in Pro track to enable us to support each of you personally as well as your team. We plan to have 4-5 teams each having between 2-3 members in the Pro Cohort

Do I need to have a team to be able to join?

It would be awesome for you to join as a team (min 2, max 3). If not, please indicate in your application that you do not have a team and we will find a team for you to join. Our goal is to have well balanced teams with diverse skillsets and background just like in the real world.

Is this accelerator in-person or online?

We are still practicing social distancing and also want to make our accelerator inclusive globally. Hence we have deliberately decided that we want to be time zone friendly. As long as you and your team members can work in overlapping/similar timezones, we will attempt to match you with a mentor in your timezone. Any of live Q&A sessions will be recorded so you can still watch when it is convenient for you. Additionally we are always in Slack should you need us.

Can I get a refund if I'm unable to attend?

At this time, you can transfer your seat to another person. This is because we would have already sourced mentors and industry panels based on our enrolment.

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