Who should attend the accelerator?

This accelerator is best recommended for:

  • Aspiring Product Managers
  • Early Stage Product Managers
  • Designers (from bootcamp /prior design background) especially for Industry Track
  • Professionals looking to pivot your career in Product Management
  • Those looking to network and work on your side projects
This Product Accelerator is designed to give you practical skills in an immersive learning environment. You get to collaborate as ateam and solve a real problem in the market while learning the craft of product management. In 10-weeks you leave with an actual product that you led and launched, lifelong friends and reletionships in the industry to help you learn and grow.

Do I have to have an idea to apply?

Not at all!

How much time commitment should I plan for in the acceleraror?

We recommend that in order to get the most value from our Product Accelerator, you should spend anywhere between 10-15 hours/week. This includes everything from team-work, self study, all workshops and sessions, meeting with mentor. Time management and planning is key to optimize the time taken.

What is the size of the cohort in this accelerator?

We're admitting only 20 participants in Pro track to enable us to support each of you personally as well as your team. We plan to have 4-5 teams each having between 2-3 members in the Pro Cohort

Do I need to have a team to be able to join?

No, you can join individually! We help you get matched with a team

Is this accelerator in-person or online?

We are still practicing social distancing and also want to make our accelerator inclusive globally. Hence we have deliberately decided that we want to be time zone friendly. As long as you and your team members can work in overlapping/similar timezones, we will attempt to match you with a mentor in your timezone. Any of live Q&A sessions will be recorded so you can still watch when it is convenient for you. Additionally we are always in Slack should you need us.

Can I get a refund if I'm unable to attend?

At this time, you can transfer your seat to another person. This is because we would have already sourced mentors and industry panels based on our enrolment.

I do not have a tech background and/or complete newbie to product management. Will this program fit me?

Absolutely! PMDojo was launched to break down stereotypial barriers in tech and our Founder has hired many people in product from non traditional fields. PMDojo's vision is to make a career in tech and specifically product more inclusive and accessible. We have everything you need to learn and apply end to end product management. Our participants come with zero experience or knowledge in tech or product management to those who might have even undertaken bootcamps and university programs. If you have any questions, please reach us at:

What if I am unable to attend a session or a workshop?

We have participants from all over the world. Our Pro track is specially designed keeping full time students and profesionals in mind. So we get it life happens. All of our sessions are recorded and you can always watch a replay when it is more convinient for you. There are only a couple of mandatory sessions that are also help in evenings PST. For any questions, please reach us at:

What is the difference between the 3 Tracks

All the 3 tracks are backed with our PMDojo method and curriculum. We designed these unique tracks because we believe that everyone's career journey and learbing style and needs are different. One size cannot fit all. The key differences are as follows: Core Track: Our participants decide on the problem spaces to explore in the program. You will go from problem to launch in 10 weeks while collaborating with a diverse team. Industry Track: Our participants get to work on a problem space that one of our partner companies have. So imagine yourself as being immersed as a Product Manager or a Designer at a real company helping them solve a real problem and launching a product for that company. Its pretty cool. Lite Track: This is designed for those prefer learning in a self guided format and need more flexibility. If you are based in a timezone that has no overlap with US/Canada making it extremely challenging for you to participate, then consider the Lite Track Still unsure, send us a quick email at