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5 Tips to Break Into Product Management

It's less than 5 days for PMDojo Product Accelerator’s Pitch Day. I wanted to share some of the priceless #lessons so far:

TIP#1: Learning by Doing > Knowledge about Frameworks: It’s never about tools or frameworks but the ability to understand and love the problem. Sounds simple, but this is also extremely hard to do.

TIP#2: Getting Started > Being Right: Remember, a career pivot is also like an MVP. Figure out the smallest test you can do to get started.

TIP#3: Trial before you commit: Ask yourself, how you might do a test run to see if you actually enjoy this role. You do not want to spend valuable time and $$$ only to realize later that you might not enjoy Product Management.

TIP#4: How Might We: Think How Might We (HMW) actually solve for breaking into PM This might mean looking at adjacent roles as well.

TIP#5: Remember how to Thrive: Do not do this alone. A community of peers, mentors can do wonders. Surviving is not enough. It cannot be sustained. You want to thrive so think longer term

Come and take a peek at PMDojo's Product Accelerator to see if this is the best program for you. Applications close November 01, 2020, so hurry:

Still undecided? Send us an email at to chat with us!

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