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PMDojo partners with somos to help people pivot into a product role

For people interested in a career in Product Management, Product Design,

UX Research or Software Development

PMDojo and somos announced a strategic partnership this week to empower people to succeed and flourish in the tech industry in Product roles. Together we are creating opportunities for learning and gaining industry experience in roles such as UX design, UX Research, Product Management or Software Development.

"This is an exciting partnership for somos at the perfect time! As an early-stage social enterprise, we’re still digging deep into our customers’ problems. Working with Fellows from PMDojo gives us a fantastic opportunity to move closer to product-market fit. Impact sourcing is a priority at somos and we very much support PMDojo’s efforts to make careers in product more diverse, inclusive, accessible & equal for all!” - Khawar Malik, Founder, somos

"We are so excited about partnering with somos because there is nothing that beats experiential learning. One can read all the books in the world or take countless courses. However, in order to truly learn and gain real-world experience, one has to launch a product in the market. This is such an exciting partnership as somos provides that venue for Fellows from PMDojo to be matched up with a real company to build that experience. Plus, Khawar is an amazing leader to learn from!" - Bosky Mukherjee, Founder, PMDojo

About PMDojo

PMDojo is about growing your product mindset. You get to learn and gain industry experience to elevate your career in the tech industry. PMDojo's Product Accelerator is a unique apprenticeship-style program to empower people to succeed and thrive in tech and product roles irrespective of their background, experience level, or learning ability.

About somos

somos is a teacher-led, cohort-based, peer-to-peer language learning ed-tech platform.

An early-stage social enterprise, its on a mission to:

  • Help language teachers earn & live well,

  • Provide access to affordable language education, and

  • Support language rights for all people.

What is next?

As a PMDojo Fellow, you will learn, receive mentorship and get to solve a real business problem that somos is facing and help them design, build and launch a live product in the market in just 10 weeks as a cross-functional and diverse team.

Who is PMDojo for?

PMDojo Product Accelerator is a global and virtual program that is open to people from all over the world. This is a great fit if you are a:

  • Professional looking to pivot into product management

  • UX Researcher, Product Designer, or Software Developer looking to gain real-world product development experience

  • Early career transitioner

  • Experienced product professional looking to switch domains or gain end-to-end experience

🎈Here are a few things you can expect:

🔥 Launch a real product in the market for a real company

🦄 Collaborate with a cross-functional team

🤝 Live learning in a structured and immersive way

💬 Receive mentorship from industry leaders

🦄 Network with peers, leaders, and hiring managers

🔥 Get extensive career support and be the first to know of exclusive jobs

🤝 Get lifelong access to a diverse and inclusive community that champions you for who you are

We only have spots for 5 Fellows to be matched up with somos.

Do you want to kickstart your career in a product role and need real-world and industry experience? Apply for the Industry Track in PMDojo Product Accelerator.

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