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Get full stack skills and real experience to get hired and promoted faster.

Ditch theoretical learning. Instead, transition or advance your career in tech, product management, or UX faster by getting full-stack industry experience,  career support, mentorship, AI, and a supportive community.

Early Applications close on Feb 21st. To learn more, join LIVE Q&A Session here or apply directly.

We've got 500+ feedback like these. Join and accelerate your career!

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Too many smart career professionals waste time and money on certifications, courses or bootcamps that don't work.

If you cannot demonstrate full stack skills and experience to companies, transitioning into product management, UX or tech roles will always feel like a chicken-and-egg problem. Don't just read the theory, work on case studies, or do fake projects.


Get skills and experience that make it easier to get hired or promoted and so much harder to get replaced. Harness AI-powered mastery as a Product Manager, UX Designer or UX Researcher.

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About Product Accelerator

PMDojo Product Accelerator is the only part-time, immersive, and apprenticeship-style program to help you get the skills and experience companies want to hire for. 


Get industry experience and skills needed to transition and get promoted in tech, product management, or UX fields faster.


Learn LIVE in small cohorts to get real-world experience and succeed in your career while you receive mentorship from industry leaders and hiring managers (beyond generic or "fake projects" or case studies).

The Product Accelerator is designed for:

  • Career transitioners who want to formally get into  product management or UX roles

  • Early career product managers and UX'ers who want to get skills an,d full stack experience

  • Professionals who want to become better, advance their career, and get promoted

  • Builders and side hustlers

We support people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and learning abilities (including neurodiverse).


PMDojo alumni who have secured product roles at leading companies