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Career future-proofing for women and minorities

At PMDojo, we are rewriting the old rules and playbook that held back women and minorities from succeeding in their tech industry careers.

Our new playbook is all about helping you develop real-world skills (both hard and human skills) to fast-track your career with expertise, real experience, connections, and opportunities to hired, promoted, and rise to leadership roles in product and tech.

Become a stronger problem solver, strategic thinker, lead innovation at scale and drive business impact with our personalized Product Accelerator or experiential Coaching programs.

Our graduates can be found in top tech companies

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Our Results


Fellow success rate within 6 months graduating


Get multiple promotions compared to peers


Achieve revenue goals from innovation initiatives


Receive recognition from leaders

We've got 500+ feedback like these. Join to fast-track  your career!

Our Programs

Product Accelerator

Get real-world experience and full stack skills to get hired in product roles in this market. Grow with mentorship, community and career support.


Level up your career as an IC PM and Product Leader with personalized 1:1 or group Coaching to rise up in tech and/or product leadership roles.

For Teams

Retain and promote high caliber women and minorities to become a catalyst for innovation with skill based training and coaching.

Our Programs

Why I founded PMDojo?


Across my 23 years in Tech and Product, I have experienced how overwhelming and lonely it is to be the only woman and person of color in the room. 

There is a problem of limited inclusion and diversity in tech. To solve this, we need to look at where this problem starts. For the tech industry to be truly inclusive, more people need access to opportunities for learning, coaching and career growth to stand out and thrive in these roles. 


That's why I started PMDojo. My mission is to support women and minorities fast-track their career with real-world skills this market needs to help them get hired, promoted and rise in product and tech leadership roles in tech faster. 

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