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Elevate your skills and confidence  to futureproof your tech career with a global and inclusive learning community

Gain industry experience, skills, and confidence to succeed and thrive in a tech career irrespective of your background, experience level, or learning ability. Start a side hustle or grow your career in product management, product design, UX research or software development.

For Product Managers |  Product Designers | UX Researchers | Side Hustlers |

Software Developers

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Get Industry
experience to become confident

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Gow your network in access to a lifelong community

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Let go of imposter syndrome and self-doubt

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Succeed and thrive in tech.  Build trust, and relatability with career support

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How can you futureproof your career?

We live in a world where many things are broken - processes, systems, societal norms, tech, healthcare, housing, childcare, manufacturing, and others. You cannot afford to become obsolete. You need to learn the skills of innovation, entrepreneurship, imagination, and building things. (Not everyone needs to learn how to code, however).

This is exactly what we are doing in PMDojo. We want to empower people from all walks of life, diverse perspectives, and learning abilities (such as neurodiverse) to learn the skills to elevate them into a career where they can contribute to building and fixing the broken things to make the world a better place!

For Product Managers |  Product Designers | UX Researchers | Side Hustlers | Software Developers


Our Impact


Fellows have successfully transitioned into a product role, started their side hustle, or received promotions or multiple offers

98 %

Fellows share that they are more confident in how they manage their career and how they deal with desl doubt

 3X salary hike

68% of Fellows increased salaries with many sharing that they were able to increase it by 3X

What you will learn

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Gain real-world

Collaborate with cross-functional team members, in a real work environment. Step into the role that mimics the real world.

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Launch a live product 
in the market

Solve a real problem, not "fake" projects or case studies. Ideate, design, build and launch a live product in the market.

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Confidently demonstrate skills and experience

Go beyond resume hacking. Prove to companies that you have the skills, knowledge, and experience with confidence and trust.

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Build connections and community

Connect and network with confidence and have lifelong access to a community to elevate your career.

Want to gain real-world experience in a product role or start a side hustle ?

For Product Managers |  Product Designers | UX Researchers | Side Hustlers | Software Developers

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How can PMDojo help your company?

Hire Product talent from diverse backgrounds

Hire product talent from diverse backgrounds and experiences. Take action to create a diverse and inclusive future in the tech industry.


Skill up your product teams to become a catalyst for innovation. We develop hands-on training and coaching programs to suit your needs.

Partner with

Have an idea you would like to collaborate together to 10x our impact on making tech more inclusive and accessible? 

Why I founded PMDojo?


Across my 20 years in Tech and Product, I have experienced how overwhelming and lonely it is to be the only woman and person of color in the room. 

There is a problem of limited inclusion and diversity in tech. To solve this, we need to look at where this problem starts. For the tech industry to be truly inclusive, more people need access to opportunities for learning, mentorship and career growth to stand out and thrive in these roles. 


That's why I started PMDojo to be a learning community that connects product enthusiasts to mentorship, immersive learning and opportunities with senior industry and product leaders. My mission is to make tech more inclusive and accessible for all.

What our mentors say about PMDojo

Priyanka Sanghvi.jpg
Priyanka Sanghvi

Senior Product Manager, Microsoft

I've seen a lot of people who want to transition into PM. Although they may speak the language, they lack the experience to transition into a product role. Fellows in PMDojo get the learning and experience so they are more genuine and grow into leaders companies are looking for. it. Participants in PMDojo get the experience to be able to communicate their knowledge to hiring managers in a more genuine way."

Nidhi Gurnani-01.jpg
Nidhi Gurnani

Founding Leader at Workomo

"The cohort participants have grown a lot. Their thinking and approach to problems has improved a lot. Having to deliver a practical outcome every week has pushed them into a real-world product scenario much more than a theoretical curriculum."

Interested in being a mentor?

Our alumni share their inspiring career journeys

3_Nicole Mesko.jpg
Nicole Mesko

Spring'21 Cohort

Pivoting from Hospitality and Non-Profits into Product Management

Abby Garcia

Winter'22 Cohort

Journey of building product from scratch

Asher Lipson

Winter'22 Cohort

From Emerging Markets Banking to Global Fintech: It’s a Marathon, not a Sprint

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Our Mission

We need more diversity and inclusion in our tech industry. This means diversity of perspectives, experiences, learning styles, walks of life, socio-economic or educational background. The impact and consequences of technology are felt everywhere and if we want technology to enable us to impact our world in a meaningful way, then we absolutely need the teams behind tech are also diverse.  
We believe that the first tangible way to achieve this is by making opportunities for learning, mentorship and career more accessible and affordable. We want to break down systemic barriers that discourage so many today just because they might not look like or have a background of what the typical person in tech might look like.