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Upskill and retain high caliber women and minorities to drive innovation and business impact

Build a diverse, high performing and resilient team to solve today's complex challenges. Get your teams build skills and expertise to become stronger problem solver, strategic thinkers, lead innovation at scale and drive business impact. 

Check out our Product Accelerator or Coaching programs (can be customized for your teams as well).

Book a 30 min discovery call to discuss how PMDojo can help your team.

Our graduates can be found in top tech companies

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PMDojo's programs helps you

Retain your top employees

Create career pathways to hire and retain high-caliber product talent, needed in today's dynamic business environment.

Inspire peak performance

Empower ambitious product managers and product leaders with actionable skills and tools they need to drive impact in your business.

Achieve your DEI strategy and goals

Achieve your DE&I strategic goals by investing in your team's capabilities through strategic upskilling and reskilling investments.

Book a 30 min discovery call to discuss how PMDojo can help your team.

Our Programs

Product Accelerator

Empower your product teams become stronger in product thinking, gain mastery in product craft and drive business impact. Help them go beyond theory and apply their practical learning from PMDojo to launch a live product or build a PoC in 10 weeks with coaching, accountability and community support.


Level up your PMs and product leaders with experiential 1:1 or group coaching. This makes them stronger strategic leaders, build high performing teams, develop EQ and human skills that drive business impact. Help them lead innovation at scale and develop into strong, high caliber professionals.

Custom Workshops

Learn as a team through custom designed workshops that deep dive on product topics. Apply what your team learns through real life working examples so that they they become actionable immediately.

Book a 30 min discovery call to discuss how PMDojo can help your team.


Louis Retief
(Cofounder & CEO, Hubly Inc)

Bosky is amazing at cutting through all the noise and will find the core underlying human problems that are causing all the pain and confusion. She will challenge the team and ask the difficult questions that no one will. These questions will be uncomfortable but they will help you address the true problems in your business. Recommend her for any product team that wants to level up and become empowered and high-performing to drive business impact.

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Arti Bhakta
(Product Lead, Peace Geeks)

Working with Bosky fast tracked our proof of concept by 8 months. She helped our teams identify and validate our assumptions with very practical rapid validation. The best part - we were learning along the way. At the end of 8 weeeks, we co-created a proof of concept validated in the market that we could start monetizing. Each session with Bosky left us feeling like we had learned something valuable. Highly recommend Bosky.

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