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Get full stack skills and real experience in product to get hired and promoted faster.

Skip theoretical learning focused on feature teams that halt your career. Instead, fast-track your tech and product management career with real-world experience and full-stack competencies real-world skills (both hard and human skills) in an empowered product team. Get career support, mentorship and lifelong community to support and hype you.

We've got 500+ feedback like these. Join and accelerate your career!

Our Results


Fellow success rate within 6 months graduating


Get multiple promotions compared to peers


Achieve revenue goals from innovation initiatives


Receive recognition from leaders

Too many smart career professionals waste time and money on certifications courses or bootcamps that don't work.

If you cannot demonstrate that you have the competencies and full stack experience of working in an empowered product team to companies, transitioning into product roles will always feel like a chicken-and-egg problem. This is one of the biggest flaws of learning theory, doing case studies or working on a project. 


Get the skills and real-world experience needed to do product work. Make it easier to get hired, get noticed and promoted.

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About Product Accelerator

PMDojo Product Accelerator is the only part-time, immersive, and apprenticeship-style program to help you that prepares you with the in-demand skills and experience for today’s job market. 


Work directly in an empowered product team. Learn and do real product work, achieve outcomes, build commercial skills. Go beyond working on specs, managing a backlog or shipping a feature. Instead, uplevel your skills to learn how you can bring value at scale, think critically, solve for a business's viability in a safe inclusive learning environment.


Experience live, small-group learning designed to secure your career’s future, equipping you with the expertise to not only get hired but also promoted faster.

The Product Accelerator is designed for:

  • Career transitioners who want to formally get into  product management

  • Early career product managers and UX'ers who want to get real skills and experience

  • Professionals who want to become stronger and want to future proof their career

We support people from diverse backgrounds, experiences, and learning abilities (including neurodiverse).


PMDojo alumni who have secured product roles at leading companies