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Female Presenter

Talks and Keynotes

I speak about the craft of product building, career growth, women in tech and leadership topics that connect the hard and interpersonal side of these topics. I love bringing the human side here as our lives and careers are incredibly intertwined.


My talks are often about this imperfect balance, life’s perspectives having worked in both startups and cool big tech companies like Atlassian. 


My goal is to bring pragmatism to inspire the audience to take action. If you are looking for a keynote speaker for either a public conference or a corporate keynotes, remotely or in person, please get in touch!

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"Bosky Mukherjee's talks ignite the soul, offering fresh perspectives that transform complex topics into simple, actionable wisdom, empowering us to lead with heart and clarity."

Popular Talks

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Interested in having me speak?

Let's talk about your event, workshop or conference and ideas about collaborating with me. Simply pick a slot from my calendar below and we will reach out soon.

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