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How we work with your team?

We're experts in tech innovation, deeply rooted in multi-disciplinary practices spanning product, design, and business. Our mission is to simplify problem-solving and for you to generate value fast.

With guided workshops and hands-on advisory, we've partnered with companies to validate proof of concepts. You get 1:1 time with Bosky Mukherjee, founder of PMDojo with 22+ years of product experience in startups and larger companies like Atlassian. She will bring vetted PMs and Designers as part of this advisory engagement to fast track our work. (Our typical engagements range from $10,000 USD +)


Louis Retief
(Cofounder & CEO, Hubly Inc)

Bosky is amazing at cutting through all the noise and will find the core underlying human problems that are causing all the pain and confusion. She will challenge the team and ask the difficult questions that no one will. These questions will be uncomfortable but they will help you address the true problems in your business.

aarti bhakta.jpeg

Arti Bhakta
(Product Lead, Peace Geeks)

Working with Bosky fast tracked our proof of concept by 8 months. She helped our teams identify and validate our assumptions with very practical tests. At the end of 8 weeeks, we co-created a proof of concept validated in the market that we could start monetizing. Each session with Bosky left me feeling like I had learned something valuable.

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