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Advising & Fractional Exec

Our founder, Bosky Mukherjee has over 2 decades of experience leading innovation, growth and multi-disciplinary teams - product, design, and business. Bosky supports founders either as a Fractional CPO or Product and Growth Advising. Her goal is to help teams deliver impact through innovation and build strong product teams and set you up for long term success.

With guided workshops, coaching retainers and hands-on advising, she has partnered with companies to solve the hardest of problems, rapidly validated product concepts, operationalized and scaled product building. You get 1:1 time with Bosky Mukherjee, who brings her experience in startups and larger companies like Atlassian. She will bring vetted PMs and Designers as part of this advisory engagement to fast track our work. 


(Our typical engagements range $10,000 USD +)


Louis Retief
(Cofounder & CEO, Hubly Inc)

Bosky is amazing at cutting through all the noise and will find the core underlying human problems that are causing all the pain and confusion. She will challenge the team and ask the difficult questions that no one will. These questions will be uncomfortable but they will help you address the true problems in your business. Recommend her for any product team that wants to level up and become empowered and high-performing to drive business impact.

aarti bhakta.jpeg

Arti Bhakta
(Product Lead, Peace Geeks)

Working with Bosky fast tracked our proof of concept by 8 months. She helped our teams identify and validate our assumptions with very practical rapid validation. The best part - we were learning along the way. At the end of 8 weeeks, we co-created a proof of concept validated in the market that we could start monetizing. Each session with Bosky left us feeling like we had learned something valuable. Highly recommend Bosky.

What’s my approach to coaching and advising?

I work with founders and leaders to 10X their strategic thinking, communication and leading their teams and businesses. I do this with 1:1 executive coaching and advisory relationships where we work together for 3 months or more.


My clients include Series A startups, growth stage companies as well as larger more traditional organizations wanting to transform their digital growth.

What gets the most from working together?

Here are a few patterns I have observed with my clients:


  • They take accountability for their personal growth

  • They want to solve the main problem stopping them from achieving growth (not just symptoms)

  • They are looking for a partner to bounce ideas and experiment along

  • They want to shift the cultural dynamics in their teams and figuring out the best ways to do this

  • They want to validate a proof of concept fast without months of building and reducing their runway

What’s my approach to coaching and advising?

I want you to find joy in your role and have fun. My goal is to help you become even stronger in your role so that you can achieve that life and work equilibrium.



  • My style is experiential (learn by doing) and individualized.

  • I will help you deconstruct the challenges you are experiencing.

  • We will work together where I will share with you personalized advice and hard learned lessons (nothing generic).

  • I will help you identify smallest experiments to test out our ideas so you can then work on bigger bets with confidence.

  • We will do role plays (if needed) to get you to practice before the real high stake moment, we will also work together on defining the strategy, presentations, pitches or that highly contentions conversations at work.

  • I will review your work as needed if you want a thought partner to make it even better and stronger to help you get buy-in and alignment faster.

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