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Get full stack skills and real experience in product to get hired and promoted faster.

In this market, to to transition into product roles, you need to demonstrate more than your resume, courses and certifications. 


Take back your power and stop being a bystander in your career. Transition into product with certainty even in these uncertain times with PMDojo Product Accelerator.

Incredible results reported by our members


find a product role within 6 months of graduating


Get multiple promotions compared to peers


Achieve revenue goals from innovation initiatives


Receive recognition from leaders

Who is this Product Accelerator for?


Career professionals who want to transition into product roles.


Early career product managers,  designers, UX Researchers who want to get stronger in full-stack product skills and future proof their career. 


This program is NOT for experienced Product Managers (5+ yrs PM exp) to get promoted into leadership roles. Please check 1:1 career growth coaching for this. 

What are people raving about?

What and how you learn matters

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Experiential and learn by doing

Apply what you learn each week by stepping into a product manager role each week. Put into practice hard and EQ skills needed to succeed and thrive in the real world. Get the experience building and launching a live product in the market with real users.

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Get real industry experience

Move beyond just theoretical learning. Join live teaching and deep dive sessions to get full-stack skills and real experience to get hired as a Product Manager in this market.

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Community and accountability

Hyper-network with high trailblazing peers and industry leaders to seek career opportunities that cannot be found anywhere else. Access a global community that hypes and supports you even after you graduate from the program.

Featured In

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Our fellows work at top tech companies in the world

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Product Accelerator Tracks

We accept Fellows on a rolling basis and you receive a number of perks by applying early.


April Cohort is FULL. Spots for Fall Cohort (Sep 5th - Nov 15th) is filling up fast. Join Live Q&A to learn more. 


Check out the different tracks, the dates and application deadlines below:  

Industry Track
Next Cohort Dates: SEP 5 - NOV 15.  (Spots are filling up fast))

Get matched up with a real company and solve a real business problem for value and viability.  Launch a live product by working with a diverse and cross-functional team in 10 weeks. Join live teaching, get mentorship, career support and a lifelong community. Learn how to evaluate AI capabilities in your companies. Access weekly accountability circle for support even beyond 10 weeks. (Time commitment: 12-15 hrs/week).


BONUS: Intro with a Hiring Manager.

Additional Perks:

  • Weekly accountability circles to achieve and celebrate your goals (lifelong)

  • Get unblocked with weekly peer coaching circles (lifelong)

  • Build strategies to manage self-doubt, blind spots and resilience

  • Access exclusive career opportunities

  • Access life long community

Program fees: $2,999 USD

(flexible payment plans available)

Apply Now

Why fellows join PMDojo?

Learn the skills and get real experience to stay relevant in this market.

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