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Build AI product for PMs

Get the AI skills and real experience to stay relevant as a Product Manager in this market. 


A 2024 Work Trend Index report shared that, 71% of leaders say they’d rather hire a less experienced candidate with AI skills than a more experienced candidate without them.

Get the AI skills and experience to stay relevant as a Product Manager in this market. Learn with a hands on , no BS program that gives Product Managers real experience building AI products.


Program Overview

This is a100% practical and hands on 6 week program. (Aug & Oct cohorts are FULL). Next cohort starts on Jan 20, 2025. The live sessions of the program are as follows:


  • Live sessions will happen on Thursday 4pm - 5:00pm PST

  • AMA with Bosky on last day

  • Slack group to ask and get help

Here is what is included:

  • Learn by doing (balance of theory and applied practice)

  • Learn how to make trade off decisions for AI products

  • Build a AI data set and train the machine learning model

  • Use your AI data model to build a demoable product

  • Get matched with 2-3 high caliber PM

  • Learn AI fundamentals + algorithms

  • How to build AI products (lifecycle)

  • How to decide when to use AI (and when not)

  • Access to PMDojo community (lifelong)

  • Unlock career opportunities and latest jobs (lifelong)

  • Peer coaching circles to solve your biggest challenges (lifelong) 

  • AMA with Bosky

  • Certificate

Who is this hands-on program for?


Current Product Managers (1-5 years exp) or Sr. Product Managers (6-9 years of exp) who want to get hireable and promotable PM skills.


Professionals working in Customer Success, Marketing, Sales, Project or Program Management who want to learn how to innovate and make business impact using AI in their roles and get hireable and promotable skills.


This program is NOT for learning how to become a Product Manager. To get PM skills and real experience in product to help you transition, apply for Product Accelerator program.

Meet your instructor and coach

sunshineladyphotography_bosky-5506 (diff outfit).jpg

Bosky Mukherjee

Founder & CEO, PMDojo (Fmr Atlassian, HSBC)

Bosky has over two decades of experience building products in startups, growth stage and big tech companies like Atlassian. She is world renowned product instructor and coach who is known to simplify complex topics. 

Bosky coaches PMs and product leaders at all levels from Uber, Meta, and LinkedIn to help move up in product and tech leadership roles.

She is also a mom and draw inspiration from my daily conversations with my son and strive to make the tech industry a more welcoming and inclusive place for everyone.

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