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PMDojo Winter 2023 Cohort's inspiring tale of acquiring real-world skills and experience 🥂

Empowering the next generation of tech talent to transition or advance in product roles.

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🎁 What can you expect to discover in this blog post today?

  • Highlights of the Winter 2023 cohort pitch day

  • Valuable insights for individuals transitioning into a product role

  • A sneak peek of the newly launched products from the cohort

  • Application process and the deadline for our upcoming cohort

Winter 2023 Cohort just wrapped up today, and it still feels surreal every single time. This was an opportunity to witness the magic of diverse perspectives and people from all around the world who came together to learn, grow, and launch some remarkable products.

🚀 Recap from Pitch Day

The feeling of anticipation and excitement that surrounds the launch of a new product or feature is truly inspiring. As our Fellows prepare for Pitch Day, the atmosphere is electric, and it's a reminder of the endless possibilities that come with hard work and dedication. 🥳

As we concluded PMDojo's Winter 2023 Cohort today, the sense of empowerment and amazement was truly inspiring. Pitch Day provides a platform for the tech and product community to come together and celebrate the remarkable achievements of these aspiring individuals. It's a reminder that with persistence, passion, and the right support, anyone can achieve their dreams and make a significant impact in their field.

🚀 Discover what members of our community have to say about their experiences in PMDojo

Do you want to know why Fellows and Mentors love being part of PMDojo? We're frequently asked what makes our program so special, and here are a few reasons why our community members can't stop raving about their experience. Get ready to feel inspired!

And here is another example, check it out:

Our event was a huge success with over 115 attendees from around the world, leaving us feeling even more inspired. We were thrilled to have individuals from diverse backgrounds and walks of life join us to celebrate and support those making the transition into tech and product roles.

At PMDojo, we believe in empowering individuals, regardless of their experiences, backgrounds, or learning needs, to not only transition but also thrive in the tech world. During our conversation, we were amazed to hear the chat window buzzing with positivity, encouragement, and celebration. It was a testament to the magical effect of coming together to support, uplift, and empower one another.

Get ready to feel empowered and join us in our mission to inspire action to create equitable pathways to help people from all backgrounds and walks of live successfully transition into product management or UX fields!

Our 🌟Product Fellows came from diverse backgrounds and walks of life, many of whom hailed from non-traditional experiences and paths. But they all shared a common hunger to excel in their careers, learn in an immersive environment, and gain real-world experience to either transition into or grow in product roles.

While some had completed formal courses or certifications in the past, they still faced several challenges. These included:

  • a lack of experience in product roles 🤔,

  • limited confidence and self-doubt 😕,

  • a need for a community and tribe to support and champion them 👥,

  • effective networking strategies that didn't rely on "cold" messages 🤝,

  • and rejections from interviews or not receiving interview opportunities at all 🙁.

Despite these challenges, our Product Fellows remained resilient and determined to succeed. Through our program, we aim to provide them with the tools, resources, and support they need to overcome these obstacles and thrive in the world of product.

Join us on this journey to empower and uplift the next generation of tech talent in product and UX fields! 🚀

🚀 What were we able to achieve as a community in the last 6 months?

As a community, we've achieved some remarkable milestones in the past 6 months! None of this would have been possible without the support of our mentors, fellows, and partners.

Let us scroll through a quick memory lane in PMDojo...

These highlights are sure to leave you feeling just as inspired as everyone was on Pitch Day! We've come so far as a community, and there's still so much more we can achieve together!

🚀 Learnings for people transitioning into a product role

Our Winter 2023 Cohort Fellows shared some incredible insights that we'd love to pass along:

  • Share a story that takes your audience on a user's journey

  • Standing out in today's job market requires more than just working on side projects or generic products.

  • Let the data guide your decision-making process.

  • Trust the process, and don't rush things.

  • For MVPs, focus on building the essentials and worry about the extras later.

  • Prioritize nailing the basics before scaling up.

  • Be resourceful and think creatively, as sometimes the most complex problems have simple solutions.

🚀 Take a look at the exciting new products that were recently launched!

10 weeks may seem like a long time, but it always flies by in PMDojo! The amount of learning and impact that occurs in each cohort is truly remarkable.

Just imagine, the next time you're in a job interview or discussing a promotion with your boss, you won't have to struggle to explain your transferable skills. Instead, you can speak from direct experience of leading and launching a real product, and even demo the product. This makes you much more credible and helps you stand out from the crowd.

Winter Cohort 2023 comprised of 5 teams that went through the entire end-to-end process of product development just as in real life. Additionally, we had 3 teams from the Industry Track who were matched with companies to solve real business problems and launch a product in the market. We also had 2 Core Track teams who participated in the program.

  • Clearmind: a mental-health product (part of Industry Track)

  • CommuniTask: a personal tracker for busy moms with kids with disability (Core Track)

  • Organized Shift to enable multi-sensory learning from leaders (Product has been handed off to the company to start rolling it out)

  • ApplicantDojo: a product to help job seekers connect with mentors (Core Track)

  • Your Choice: a product to disrupt mediation space by improving internal efficiencies (Industry Track). The product has been handed off to the company for roll out)

PS: Connect with us on LinkedIn and stay tuned for exciting video snippets featuring all our teams in the upcoming weeks!

🚀 Spring 2023 Cohort Applications: Everything You Need to Know

At PMDojo, we believe that life-changing opportunities should be accessible to all, regardless of financial status. That's why we offer various programs to make our offerings available to everyone. Moreover, we are thrilled to announce that four companies will be joining us for the Industry Track program in our upcoming cohort!

Join other incredible community members from companies such as Salesforce, Meta, Microsoft, LinkedIn, Amazon, and others! 🚀

We still have a few spots available and the final application closes is April 10, 2023. ⏰

If you or someone you know wants to get real-world product experience in an immersive way, join PMDojo or share this with them. Kickstart your career while also knowing that you are changing lives and making an impact in the world. 🔥💪

Applications are closing for our upcoming cohort on April 10!

➡️ Send in your application here:

➡️ Have questions, send us an email!

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