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PMDojo Winter 2022 Cohort Recap - 6 new products launched 🥂

Inspiration for those looking to transition or grow in product roles.

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🎁 What will you find in this blog today?

  • A recap of our Winter 2022 cohort pitch day

  • Key learnings for people transitioning into a product role

  • Check out the newly launched products from the cohort

  • Scholarships and information about our upcoming cohort applications and deadline

Congrats to PMDojo Winter 2022 Cohort

Winter 2022 Cohort just wrapped up today, and it is still surreal. This was an opportunity to witness the magic of diverse perspectives and people from all around the world who came together to learn, grow, and launch some incredible products.

🚀 Recap from Pitch Day

There is nothing like the buzz that happens every time a new product or feature is launched. It is surreal, nerve-racking and exciting when our Fellows are in the final stretch preparing for the Pitch Day. 🥳. This is how exciting it is when our Fellows are at the home stretch preparing for the Pitch Day. It is also a time for reflection and celebration.

Today, as we concluded PMDojo's Winter 2022 Cohort, it felt empowering and amazing. Pitch Day is a chance for all of the tech and product community to come together to celebrate all the hard work and accomplishments of some very inspiring upcoming talent.

Many people from around the world joined us, which left us even more inspired. We had attendees from all over the world join us to celebrate and encourage those making the transition into tech and product roles.

In PMDojo, we strive to inspire action and champion people regardless of their background, experiences, walks of life, or learning needs in order to not only transition but thrive in the tech world. Throughout our conversation, we heard celebrations, encouragement and reflections on how magical it can be when people come together to support, empower, and lift each other up. Take a look at a few highlights from our conversation:

It was also a time to reflect on our mentors at PMDojo and our sponsors who have been championing and supporting each of our fellows in the Winter 2022 cohort.

Highlights from Winter 2022 Cohort:

We had 23 Product Fellows from different backgrounds and walks of life in the Winter 2022 cohort. All of them had one thing in common: they were hungry to stand out in their career, learn in an immersive way and gain real-world experience to either grow or transition into product roles. Some had completed formal courses or certifications in the past, but they wanted to fill the following gaps:

  • Lack of experience in product roles

  • Limited confidence and self-doubt

  • Community and tribe to champion them

  • Effective networking that doesn't rely on "cold" messages

  • Rejections from interviews or not receiving interviews at all

Here is a quick highlight of the 10 weeks of the Winter 2022 Cohort at PMDojo and the many things we celebrated as a community.

Each of our Fellows' journeys blew us away. 💫 Being able to see the growth in just 10 weeks is surreal and emotional. Their different perspectives encouraged divergent thinking, collaboration, and out-of-the-box creativity, that led to the launch of their first real products in just 10 weeks! 🚀

We already have a number of Fellows who already transitioned into product roles from this cohort and many are interviewing at present. We can't wait to share some success stories in the coming weeks. 🔥🔥🔥

Here are some memorable moments from our Winter 2022 Cohort Pitch Day that we wanted to share with you:

  • Results from PMDojo program:

  • What Fellows are saying about the program:

  • What companies are saying about the program:

🚀 Learnings for people transitioning into a product role

Some of the insights that were shared by our Fellows from Winter 2022 cohort were:

  • Tell a story - get your audience on your user's journey

  • Building and launching a product end to end shows you just what is possible

  • Limit Churn points

  • Optimize and iterate on your north star

  • Let the data drive your decisions

  • Trust the process

  • On MVP - Build the cake and go light on the frosting. Prioritize what matters most

  • Nail before you scale

  • Be scrappy and think outside the box - the hardest problems sometimes have the simplest solutions

🚀 New Products that were launched

10 weeks might seem long but it always goes by super fast. The extent of learning and impact in every cohort is unbelievable.

Imagine that the next time you are at a job interview or talking to your boss about a promotion, you don't have to struggle to explain what your transferrable skills are. You can speak from your direct experience of leading and launching a real product and then demo the product. This is much more credible and allows you to influence and stand out.

Winter cohort 2022 consisted of 6 teams that went through the entire end-to-end process of what happens in real life.

We also had 3 teams from the Industry Track in this cohort. Here they got matched up with companies where they got to solve real business problems and helped the companies launch a product in the market.

You can learn more about the Fellows from the cohort and the products they launched here -

🚀 Information about Spring 2022 Cohort Applications

A few days ago, our community came together to help make tech more inclusive, diverse, accessible, and equal. The experience was uplifting and inspiring.💫 Together, we can change the narrative in tech and cultivate the next generation of talent in product roles. Together we can build a world that is bold, equal and diverse.

PMDojo offers incredible opportunities that have the power to change the trajectory of people's lives, and one's ability to pay shouldn't be a hindrance to accessing those opportunities. We also have 3 companies joining us for Industry Track (Saas/Fintech, HealthTech and AI).

  • Thank you Hubly Inc for sponsoring scholarships for our upcoming cohort in the Industry Track

  • Thank you to our community for giving back through our Diversity & Equity Scholarships for Core Track

🤩🎉 We already have some amazing Fellows who have joined us from Salesforce, Noom, Keurig Dr Pepper, Atimi and others.

We still have a few spots available and the application deadline is April 02, 2022.

If you or someone you know wants to get real-world product experience in an immersive way, join PMDojo or share this with them. Kickstart your career while also knowing that you are changing lives and making an impact in the world. 🔥

Applications are closing for our upcoming cohort next week on April 02! We still have a few spots left.

➡️ Send in your application here:

➡️ Join us for our next Q&A Session to learn more:

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