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3 insights to pivot into a product role

I absolutely loved reading the latest post by Ken Norton "Reflecting on a Career in Product Management" which has tonnes of practical advice for anyone looking to pivot into product management.

This post also is another validation of the purpose and mission behind PMDojo and how we are giving people real-world experience in a product role before their first or next role in product with a focus to make tech and product more equitable, accessible, diverse and inclusive.

My favourite 3 insights from Ken's post:

📌 The “art” of product management matters more than the “science” over the long term. It is less about tools and frameworks and more about the craftmanship or the art of product management itself

📌 You can only learn PM’ing by doing the job, by apprenticing. And companies don’t want to take the risk on you if you haven’t shown you can do it. You need to find ways to demonstrate and confidently influence employers that you can do the role well

📌 Hold the door open behind you. Sponsor; don’t just mentor PMs from underrepresented backgrounds

You can read Ken Norton's latest post here -

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