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An Exciting Pitch Day Recap at PMDojo 🥂

Updated: Jun 6, 2021

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💼 What will you find in this email today?

  • Recap from Pitch Day

  • Check out the newly launched products

  • Deets about Fall Cohort Applications

The 3rd cohort of PMDojo Spring 2021 wrapped up last week and our heads are still buzzing with all the excitement. It is hard to believe that we started this journey together less than 1 year ago. Thank you all so much for cheering us along since day 1! 😃

🚀 Recap from Pitch Day

Our Pitch Day is a day of coming together of our community to celebrate all the hard work and amazing outcomes of some very inspiring people who are getting ready to start their journey in product. We had so many of you join us and it left us even more inspired to spark an action as a collective product community to support more diverse talent in product and tech. More than ever, it was also a time to pause to thank all of our amazing mentors at PMDojo who have been so invested in our cohort's growth and success journey.

So what did our pitch day look like?

The Spring Cohort had 12 participants from different walks of life, experiences and backgrounds. One thing common here was that all of them were looking for that real-world experience and immersive learning. Some of them even had undertaken formal courses previously, but we all know that theory is not enough when it comes to filling that experience gap.

Their entire journey of growth completely blew us away. 💫The different perspectives encouraged very divergent thinking, collaboration and creativity that enabled them to launch and ship their first real products in just 10 weeks! 🚀 Some of them even received job offers in product management and many are interviewing actively at present. We can't wait to share some success stories in the coming weeks. 🔥🔥🔥

🚀 New Products that were launched

10 weeks seems long but it went by super fast. Yes, it's intensive, yes there is a lot of hard work but the extent of learning and impact is unbelievable. Collaborating as a diverse team to ship and launch a real product is so powerful. Imagine the next time they are at a job interview, they don't need to struggle to tell a story of their transferable skills. They can demo the product they led and managed end to end. This is much more believable and memorable to stand out. The 4 products that launched last week were:

  • Echo, a platform to help victims of domestic abuse connect and feel safe

  • Kindly a platform to anonymously ask and give career advice for early professionals

  • Engage to help non for profit connect with their donor base

  • InTouch a platform to help remote employees work better

The 4 teams went through the whole end-to-end journey of what PMs do in real organizations. The 10 weeks took them on a path of:

  • Define and align on a problem

  • Understand the target users and the journey

  • Define the value proposition

  • Wireframe, rapid prototype and validate with real users

  • Metrics

  • Go To Market

  • Requirements

  • Build and Launch among others

You can see some of the featured products launched by our alumni here and also read about their journey -

🚀 Deets about Fall Cohort Applications

🤩🎉 We are going bigger and bolder to help make opportunities more accessible and available. We are extremely thankful to so many companies who are continuing to partner with us to provide a rich learning experience for our cohorts.

If you or someone you know wants to get real-world product management experience of collaborating as a diverse team and launching a real product and make a lasting impact, join PMDojo for our next Cohort.

➡️ Send in your application here:

➡️ Register for our next Info Session to learn more:

Anyhow, that’s all for today. If you attended our Pitch Event, what did you think? Let us know in the comments below!

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