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Partnership Announcement | PMDojo and SoftR

We are so excited about formally sharing this!

🎉 🎉 PMDojo has partnered with Softr, the easiest no-code platform for makers & startups to build powerful websites & web-apps on Airtable, in 10 minutes. No coding. No learning curve.

The barrier for someone from non-traditional or non-tech background wanting to transition into tech is so high. We want to disrupt this. Our mission is to continue removing barriers and make transitioning into tech careers more inclusive and accessible.

For those who apply to PMDojo Product Accelerator, you will receive awesome perks. 🥁 This is a great opportunity for Product Managers, Designers Developers, Side Hustlers to start building - we have removed one of the biggest barriers!

🚀 Apply here for Cohort3 of Product Accelerator here. The deadline for applications and scholarships is Feb 15th.

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