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PMDojo Product Manager Spotlight: Divya Dubey

Updated: Apr 7

" During my research into different product management programs, PMDojo stood out to me because it didn’t focus on the certification alone. Rather PMDojo emphasized real-world learning experience, collaborating in a diverse team and launching a real product."

Divya joined PMDojo as a participant in our Winter Cohort 2021 and recently made her transition into Tech at Amazon as a Program Manager.

Read on as we sat down with Divya to learn about her personal journey. We hope that as you read this, you might find ideas to reflect and think so that you can accelerate your career forward.


Join PMDojo Product Accelerator to collaborate as a diverse team, solve a market problem and launch a real product with real users. We welcome anyone interested in product management and designers looking to skill up. Applications closing soon so apply now!

So Divya, tell us a little about your background

I am originally from India and currently, an MBA student at the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University, majoring in marketing and business analytics.

Prior to business school, I worked as a business development associate in the ad-tech space, where I managed web publisher partnerships for Yahoo Bing Contextual Ads Network. I later transitioned into an e-commerce startup where I worked in sales and account management. At this point in my career, I wanted to develop a broader business skillset and so I decided to pursue an MBA.

When you were researching options to learn about product management, what were some of the most important criteria for you?

While researching, I remember my initial concern was that I did not have any product management experience. Initially, I was just searching for PM certifications online and tweaking my resume for PM roles. I later realized that this was not the best approach as hiring managers do not care much for certifications.

My mentor recommended PMDojo because it stood out from the other alternatives. It was not your typical course or a program.

What advice do you have for other Aspiring Product Managers who want to learn about this field?

I would say research the industry and what you’re getting into. Network with established product leaders. Actively networking gave me exposure to different nuances of product management. The main highlight is getting practical experience and this cannot be stated enough. This is where PMDojo helped me personally. I wholeheartedly recommend PMDojo for those looking to transition into product.

Many aspiring PMs might not have a tech background but working on a problem and launching a product can help you confidently justify your transition into product management and make you stand out among your peers.

You were in PMDojo's Winter 2021 Cohort. What got you interested in the program?

The whole practical experience was very enjoyable.

The Product Accelerator emphasizes hands-on and immersive learning instead of just giving out a certificate. I launched a real product MVP, received regular feedback from the mentors who also helped me explore my career path and build my network.

It was not just about showing certifications but about demonstrating my learning and experience as a Product Manager to recruiters and companies. Sharing about my experience at PMDojo was so exciting not just for me but also got the hiring managers interested and made me stand out. It was about feeling confident and developing that product sense everybody keeps referring to. I like that the product accelerator was focused on Product Manager not as a label, but about working and solving a real problem.

How was your PMDojo experience?

It has been truly amazing. I did not expect in my first week that it would be such an exciting journey ahead. It was not just my learning experience but collaborating with a diverse and cross-functional team on a weekly basis. Each week, we would participate in learning the concepts with Bosky along with some amazing speakers and industry leaders. The best part was applying all that knowledge practically in our product that we worked to launch in the 10 weeks. Every week we received feedback from many mentors who brought their own unique perspectives and already established leaders in the industry. It was a continuous learning cycle which I really liked.

What is next for you?

I would love to further explore the product management space. I also want to gain more practical experience in working with a team to deliver products and get a strategic perspective. I am looking forward to my journey with Amazon in program management.

How has PMDojo prepared you for your new role and how will you apply the skills gained to your new job?

The ability to thinking strategically has been one of the most important skills I gained and something my role will require a lot of. I developed this skill through PMDojo and learnt how to build a vision and achieve that.

The second is cross-functional collaboration. I worked very closely with 2 other team members. What was fundamental in my learning experience was how to present my viewpoint and then influence my team, as well as listening to their feedback and incorporating it.

Thank you, Divya for sharing your journey and being such as inspiration in our PMDojo community. We wish you all the very best and can't wait to see where your journey takes you.

If you are someone who aspires to grow confidently into Product including Design, please share and help spread the word about PMDojo.


Join PMDojo Product Accelerator to collaborate as a diverse team, solve a market problem and launch a real product with real users We welcome anyone interested in product management and designers looking to skill up. Applications closing soon so apply now!


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