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Product Spotlight with Echo and some dose of inspiration

Want to join us for the Spring 2021 cohort? Attend our info session and learn more 👈

💼 What will you find here today?

  • Product Spotlight and the story of 3 amazing Product Managers

  • New Partnership for Industry Track

  • Deets about Fall Cohort

  • Mentor Applications for Fall Cohort

🚀 Product Spotlight: Platform to help domestic abuse victims with Echo

This is the story of the 3 amazing women who kick-started their journey into product solving a problem they were truly passionate about and it showed from day 1😃. Congratulations Sreenidhi, Aouie and Polina for tackling such an important issue and launching Echo.

This is a real problem and unfortunately not one that gets talked about a lot. Domestic abuse victims continue to suffer trauma; often because they might not even be aware of the abuse or find it challenging to seek help due to feelings of shame, guilt, judgement and others. The stories of many women who came forward to share their experience with the trauma and abuse made this problem space very real and emotional not just for the team working on it but also for all of the mentors and the team behind PMDojo!

Please check out Echo and share it in your network to help spread the word: 🔥

🚀 New Partnership for Industry Track

Our Industry Track offers a unique opportunity for those looking to pivot or transition into Product to focus on real challenges faced by companies in real-world and gain that real-world product experience.

Internships are very few and unfortunately only available for students or recent graduates. So where does this leave professionals who want to gain experience in product in a safe environment that promotes safe learning, mentorship and a place to launch a real product 🎉

For our upcoming Industry Track, we have 2 great updates for you:

  • We have partnered with the amazing team at Startups For All for a real company project. More partnerships are coming up...

  • We are inviting both Aspiring Product Managers and Designers to join our 10-week immersive Product Accelerator

  • To learn more, check out the program here, we only have limited spots:

🚀 Deets about Fall Cohort Applications

🤩🎉 If you are someone who wants to kickstart their career in product, we invite you join PMDojo for our next cohort. Our next cohort starts in Fall on August 16th and spots are filling up. We accept less than 10% of applicants and on average receive over 280 applications in each cohort.

➡️ Apply here:

➡️ Register for our next Info Session to learn more:

We want to help you stand out and gain lifelong skills, friends and a community you will always call your own! f you need some inspiration on what is possible in 10 weeks, head over here 🔥🔥🔥

🚀 Mentor Applications

Applications for mentors are open now for our Fall Cohort. If you are someone who is passionate about nurturing the next generation of builders and want to make tech more inclusive and accessible, we invite you to join PMDojo as a mentor. You can apply here

As always, we love hearing from you! Simply reach out and let us know we can collaborate and support you.

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