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Let's make 2022 a year of opportunity

With the last 2 years being the way they have, I wanted to start this year with a positive intention. My hope for 2022 is to make this the year of opportunities and growth for everyone ❤️. I have always believed that it takes one genuine act to spark action in the community. This is why at PMDojo, we believe in doing whatever it takes to inspire even one person who might be one step behind us. When everyone does this, we can create momentum for opportunities for all.


So what has been cooking in PMDojo?

The mission behind PMDojo has always been to make our tech industry more inclusive, equitable, diverse and accessible for all. As daunting as this sounds, over the last 2 years, every small win at PMDojo has been enough to push us forward and we are hungry to do even more. Here are some of the amazing work our community at PMDojo has been doing lately:

PMDojo expands beyond Product Management:

Today, PMDojo is more than a community for Product Managers alone. 🥁🥁🥁 We are super excited to welcome Product Researchers (UX Researchers), Product Designers, Product Marketing Managers as well in our community. If you are looking to gain real-world experience, collaborate as a team, grow with mentorship and get lifelong access to a community to grow your career in tech, check out PMDojo. In 10 weeks you get to step into the role and explore a fuzzy problem and launch a live product in the market. PLUS, in our unique Industry Track, you get matched up with a real company to help launch their product, how cool is this…

PS: Our upcoming cohort is filling up and early applications close in just a few weeks.

PMDojo Hiring Mixers:

The idea behind these FREE community events is simple. These events are open for everyone ✨. As a candidate, it is challenging and frustrating to apply for jobs or cold emailing folks at companies and not hear back.

At the same time, as a company, it is hard to meet talented candidates with passion, potential and hunger to make an impact. This is especially true for talent in product roles from product management, product design, UX research, product ops and others. The solution is PMDojo's Hiring

Mixers, a 60 min fast-paced and inclusive event where we connect companies actively hiring and talent.

We have had some amazing successful interviews come out of these events we have hosted with companies such as HEB, HUBLY, Hootsuite, Commit and others so far, and more are coming. PS: Are you hiring for product roles? Simply contact us and let us know!

Check out our events page for upcoming community events.


­­Recent PMDojo Fellow Success Stories:

In the last year, we have seen PMDojo Fellows rise and reach for the stars. Over 90% of our Alums and Fellows successfully make a career transition in product roles. Let us celebrate some of these successes:

  • Abby Garcia joined Tribe Dynamics as a Product Manager

  • Alan Hagins joined Charles Schwab as a Product Strategy Manager

  • Wai Tang joined Sainsbury's as a Product Manager

  • Cory Smith joined Backbone as an Associate Product Manager

  • Dhruv Balhara joined Aboard as an Associate Product Manager

We are very excited for more success stories that we will be sharing in the coming weeks.

PS: Are you interested to transition into a product role and looking to gain real-world and industry experience?

Check out our Product Accelerator where you get to step into the role, collaborate as a diverse team, launch a real product in the market with mentorship from Sr. Leaders in the industry.

Our Mentor pool is growing:

I am so grateful for our amazing mentors who do so much to support our Fellows and Alums. We have some of the most empathetic mentors (aka Hiring Managers and Sr. Leaders) from the industry who share the same passion for achieving equality, access, diversity and inclusiveness in the tech industry. Our mentors come from some of the best tech companies such as Slack, Coinbase, Microsoft, Amazon, Compass, Atlassian, LinkedIn, Teachable, Google, Mailchimp, Intuit, Hashi Corp and others. PS: Are you a Sr. Leader in Tech or Product? Tell us a little about yourself and apply as a mentor at PMDojo.


Over the next few weeks, we will be sharing some big things we have planned for 2022. Our theme is to create opportunities for everyone in 2022 and beyond. So stay tuned, follow us on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter if you want to be the first to hear them…



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