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Empowering women to lead together, break barriers, connect and grow

TrailblazeHer is a highly vetted program of strong inspiring women from different walks of life to learn tools, strategies and a new playbook to succeed and thrive. fast track your path to achieve your bold ambitions in life and work. Bbreak barriers and create opportunities you did not know existed. (open to women from all over the world).


What is included in your membership?


($49 USD/mo or $500 USD/year)

  • Access to Trailblazer community

  • Ask for and give help

  • Connect with other TrailblazeHers


P.S. To get guided and structured support, check out the "Collective" track


($295 USD/mo or $3,390/year)

  • Highly vetted invite only community

  • Monthly facilitated group coaching **

  • Peer coaching from 3-5 women 

  • Join expert talks/workshops

  • Build your personal brand and credibility

  • BONUS: Quarterly socials (in bay area)

  • BONUS: Private dinners (in bay area)


(Contact us)

  • Work 1:1 with Bosky to go from idea to launch

  • Start your own profitable business

  • Operationalize your business

  • Evaluate funding and hiring path

*Facilitated group coaching sessions and expert talks include:

  • How to navigate career and motherhood

  • How to find balance

  • How to navigate workplace bias

  • How to cope with self doubt as a woman

  • Discuss women's health, grief and other taboo topics

  • Tools for stay at home and working moms

We've got hundreds of feedback like these. Come and see the value yourself!

I did not think I can be an inspiration to people. ... it did amazing wonders to my emotional state and feeling valued.  This has been a huge mental boost when the new job is testing me with the newness. I am very thankful for the extra  confidence boost.

- Recent TrailblazeHer

Talk to us to see if this would be a mutual fit

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